Understand More About Hauling Industrial Wastewater

wastewater hauling truck

Wastewater Hauling

Industrial wastewater is something that results from various job site and industrial cleanup activities.

Holding Tanks/Vaults
A holding tank or vault receives wastewater from various sources and stores it until it is pumped out and hauled to a receiving/processing facility. The typical capacity of these holding tanks can range from 1,000 all the way to a few million gallons!

There are many different sizes of vaults and tank trucks used for the wastewater hauling process. A vault can be equipped with a standpipe and a quick disconnect that directly connects to the pumping truck for more efficient emptying of the vault.

Wastewater Hauling Experts
When handling industrial wastewater, be sure to hire the right contractor for the job. It’s crucial to find a company whose wastewater hauling methods will be compliant with current regulations. They should also be equipped with the most advanced trucks that are up to regulation standards. The crew should be trained and certified and should be wearing protective gear according to the latest safety standards.

Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater will go through a treatment process before being used for irrigation, or returned to a body of water. This multi-stage cleaning process will create two types of waste—sewage waste and industrial sludge. During sewage treatment, debris is screened out and separated to protect the treatment facility equipment. The collected debris is usually disposed of in a landfill.

For the next step, the wastewater gets sent through a biological treatment process to remove the dissolved organic matter. Microorganisms in the water become suspended and coolant waters, cleaning water and processing waters are sent through to remove solids and greases, known as industrial sludge.

IEC provides wastewater hauling in liquid vacuum trucks and we are fully equipped, using environmentally friendly and cost-efficient disposal methods. Our new 5,000-gallon liquid vacuum truck expands our non-hazardous and wastewater hauling capabilities.

Permitted in NJ, NY and PA, we are an A-901 licensed broker and waste transporter. For any wastewater hauling needs, please contact us for more information on our services.