Understanding More About How an Industrial Storage Tank is Cleaned

Industrial Storage Tank

Industrial Storage Tank

Any business which utilizes an industrial storage tank knows that at some point they will require thorough cleaning. Whether it’s a change of the products they hold, or inspecting the integrity of the tank, or an update to regulatory requirements, the industrial storage tank should be well-maintained.

The cleaning of a chemical or petroleum tank should be performed by a team of qualified experts with the necessary experience and certifications. Not only should the crew have the proper insurance in place, it’s essential for them to be CSE and CASE Rescue certified, and they should be completely current with their training.

Typically, the cleaning crew consists of a minimum of four people. The cleaning equipment includes a liquid or air-inducted vacuum truck, pressure washers, confined space entry/rescue gear, respiratory protection and, depending on the tank contents, a supplied air system.

Special confined space entry equipment will be set up around the tank using the manway entrance and exit. Confined Space Entry permits are completed before every entry into the tank and must be closed out at the end of each shift. Prior to entry, a Hazard Evaluation must be completed to address all dangers associated with the project, the condition of the industrial storage tank, and verification of its contents to ensure adequate measures are being followed.  Among these, are ensuring that Lock Out-Tag Out is performed and that the personnel evaluate the tank’s atmosphere using a Four Gas meter. They will also ensure the industrial storage tank is properly vented during the tank cleaning process.

The crew will squeegee the product to the vacuum truck hose. Then, using the pressure washer, they will water wash the interior floor and wall usually to the first weld ring. Vacuum trucks will finally be used to remove the sludge and transport the waste offsite for disposal if necessary.

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