International Chemical Manufacturing Company

Demolition and Site Remediation
$2.04 Million

Demolished 15 building structures, removed 3000 CY of concrete, removed 18 USTs ranging in size up to 25,000 gallons, excavated and backfilled 15,000 cubic yards of soil. Contaminates included Petroleum, solvents and PCBs. Disposed of over 50,000 gallons of contaminated groundwater and operated treatment system.

Former Pigment Manufacturing Facility

Decontamination and Interior Demolition

Provide tank cleaning, decontamination, and waste disposal of all process and handling equipment in the facility. Then demolished and removed all equipment. Activities included rigging, dismantling and loading of 800 tons of scrap material.

Consultant for Commercial Real Estate Developer

UST Removal, Lagoon Closure

Excavated, cleaned and removed (8) 12,000 gallon solvent tanks. Demolished, excavated and backfilled three former lagoons containing contaminated soil. Transported and disposed of 35,000 gallons of liquid hazardous waste and 1,100 tons of contaminated soil.