Tank Decontamination

tank decontamination

Tank Decontamination at IEC

Tanks of all types are industrial items that get dirty and contaminated quickly. Whether an above ground tank or one that is buried underground, because these tanks typically hold oils and liquids they need regular cleaning and maintenance to work well. And, if you are planning to switch out what the tank is used for, or the liquid in the tank is compromised for any reason, you will have to decontaminate the tank as well.

Tank decontamination can be tricky. There may be hazardous substances involved, as well as the potential for confined space entry. It’s important to hire a professional to manage tank decontamination to ensure that the job is done well, and to keep staff and the business itself safe.

IEC understands how serious safety is, and how important it is to your business to have the job well done. Our tank decontamination services are provided by experienced, trained, and proven team members who have the expertise needed to decontaminate any kind of tank.

We are able to decontaminate tanks in various ways depending on what is inside and what your plans are for the tank after that. We can remove waste, neutralize contaminants, vacuum out unwanted substances and pressure wash for cleanliness. Each job calls for a unique approach and we are full of innovative ideas to make tank decontamination as effective and efficient as possible.

Comprehensive Tank Decontamination and Disposal

Decontamination is the first step — what do you do with the waste that comes from the tank and the cleaning process? We make it easy. IEC is a full service environmental industrial contractor, which means we have the training and equipment to dispose of that waste safely using our own vehicles, ensuring that the entire process is legal, compliant, and safe. It also saves your business time and money, as you will not have to contract out to separate parties.

We can test soil, other surrounding surfaces, and even the tank or its contents after removing it from holding so that you know what substances you are dealing with and if any further remediation or restoration is required. Whether your tank decontamination is a standalone project or you are working toward tank decommissioning or removal, our services ensure that your objectives are met.

While your tank is being cleaned and decontaminated we can inspect it for any signs of damage or wear and tear, if you plan to use it again. We suggest routine cleaning and maintenance of all industrial equipment, including tanks, and we are happy to work with you to create a schedule that suits your business. Of course, our services are available for emergency situations, 24 hours a day, if you find yourself needing help with a tank and cannot wait for a routine visit.

For more information or to get a quote on tank decontamination, simply get in touch with us. You can use our online form to make a request, or give us a call at 732-662-7222.