How Industrial Sites Manage Soil Remediation Methods

soil remediation methods

Soil Remediation Methods

At any given time, all types of industrial sites could be faced with managing soil remediation. Managing soil remediation methods includes bringing in contractors with special equipment to remove contaminants from the soil, like cyanides, pesticides, petroleum (see our fuel spill cleanup article), heavy metals and more.

Once it’s been established that soil remediation must take place, the contractor will select the most appropriate remediation methods, equipment and technology, based on some of the following factors:

  1. The contaminant’s origin, nature, and toxicity
  2. The specific degree or level of contamination
  3. The physical and chemical make-up of the soil
  4. The present and potential hazards which pose a safety risk to workers
  5. How removal of the contaminant impacts the environment/land
  6. The available time for remediation activity
  7. Acceptance from regulatory agencies and the community
  8. The budget level given for remediation

There is always a significant concern that looms over the health risks from soil pollution. Because of risk to the public, any type of soil remediation process must meet federal, state and local regulatory requirements. Of course, these requirements may be stricter, depending on how high of a risk the contaminant is to human health and the ecosystem.

For best soil remediation results, it’s essential for your contractor to have the right equipment for the job. Be sure your industrial contractor owns and operates an extensive fleet of equipment that’s designed specifically to fit the needs of your remediation, no matter the method. They should be working with the latest technologies and equipment available.

There are many successful soil remediation methods in existence, but now a great number of new technologies are in development that will make soil remediation more cost-effective and efficient. Hopefully, these lower-cost, lower-input technologies, will be able to tackle even the most difficult soil remediation projects.

IEC has provided remediation services for all types of industrial sites and soil remediation methods. From small waste hauling jobs to large-scale soil remediation methods, involving multiple hazardous materials, IEC has a highly-experienced team in place to successfully manage any size soil remediation project. Excavation, loading, transportation and disposal services are always a part of the process and to ensure compliance, each contaminant is carefully shipped and tracked from when it leaves the site to its final destination. If you’re facing soil remediation, contact us today for more information on our services.