Soft Digging: Why and How It’s Done

soft digging

Soft Digging

A soft dig has a careful touch where a traditional excavator is too much. Our soft dig services are popular in situations where terrain must be removed, but damage has to be prevented.

How Does Soft Digging Work?

Soft digging works via vacuuming. Air or water pressure is used to break up terrain, such as soil, which is then removed by vacuum. It is a very non-destructive process that can be used anywhere a delicate touch is needed.

Because soft digging is non-mechanical, it can be precise, especially in the hands of a capable crew with the experience and skill in utilizing this technology. This does not mean that it isn’t powerful, however! Similar to our hydro jetting services, soft digging stands up to tough challenges, but it does it with delicacy and control.

Where Soft Digging is Appropriate

Soft digging is ideal for areas such as around utility lines or other in-ground structures that cannot sustain damage. Gas lines, water lines, communications cables, power cables and other important infrastructure are all safe with soft digging, versus the brute force of traditional excavation (which has its place, but is not the ideal in this context).

Soft digging is great in winter when frost and frozen ground abounds. Soft digs get through cold climate conditions easily, so the job is done faster and easier than it would be with traditional excavation.

It’s also a good technique for areas where a traditional excavator could not get in. Soft digging allows for surgical precision so digging is completed without damage to neighboring trees or landscaping. It can even be performed remotely.

It can be used in pre-drilling or pre-excavation, to unveil underground structures and avoid future damage with heavier machinery, or to verify where utilities and pipes are.

Why Soft Digging is Preferable

You can see some of the benefits of soft digging when you look at why and where it is used. It’s far more precise than other options, so when it comes to doing something carefully there is no better way. This, ultimately, can save you a lot of money and a lot of hassle in the long run.

For example, traditional excavation and underground tanks, pipes, and cables, can be a disaster waiting to happen. If heavy machinery runs into something breakable underground, you are suddenly dealing with a break or a leak, and the repairs that go along with it.

Soft digging is also preferable for cost savings in terms of environmental damage. If you have to completely excavate an area, the landscaping is going away too, and then you have to pay to rehabilitate the land and make it look good again. Soft digs only disturb what must be disturbed, so the eventual ground repairs are less intense and thus, less costly.

Finally, soft digs are fast compared to a big dig. That speed will save you money, too.

In the hands of our talented and qualified NJ excavating contractors, soft digging offers countless benefits and a lot of control over your project, whatever it may be. Whether you need us to dig out something to get a bigger excavation project started, or if the entire job can be done with soft digging, you can rely on us to get it done and do it well.

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