COVID Decontamination

IEC will provide a 4-man crew, three electric misting machines, utility vehicle, Micro-Fiber cloth wipes, Free ‘N Clear disinfectant solutions, Vital Oxide or equivalent misting solution, Level C Personal Protective Equipment.

Procedure will be for IEC personnel to wipe down all non-food high-touch areas (light switches, door knobs, lab hood handles, etc.) with cloth wipes treated with disinfectant solution. The entire room or work area will then be treated using a mist consisting of Vital Oxide or equivalent (MSDS attached).

Please note that excessively dirty or soiled areas (floors, etc.) should be cleaned by the client prior to our arrival on site. Treated areas should be left unused for a minimum of 20 minutes before they are reoccupied.

The customer will be provided with a letter stating how and when the area was decontaminated.