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NJ Contracting Services

Why struggle to do it yourself when you can contract an expert to do it for you?

Your company is an expert in what you do. We are experts in what we do — environmental contracting. Our clients run a wide range from refineries to mills to manufacturing companies, and they all have different needs for environmental contracting. The main thread all have in common is the need for efficient, quality environmental services to protect and promote safety, environmental stewardship, and compliance with laws and regulations. Because we have been doing this for over two decades we do exactly that, every time.

The kind of environmental contracting services we provide are not ideal for a do it yourself approach. When your company is sorting out what to do with a leaky oil storage tank, a confined space entry, pit cleaning, or an emergency remediation services requiring line jetting or decontamination, you want results right away. Industrial Environmental Contracting is your source for NJ contracting services you can count on, with carefully honed skills and the high tech equipment to match.

Hiring a Commercial Environmental Contractor

Not all environmental contractors are alike. Our NJ contracting services are focused specifically on the commercial sector.

We understand commercial building codes and regulations that apply to your business, and know that environmental issues can greatly impact the success of your company and its reputation. Moreover, commercial properties and buildings often use different, more expansive and complex systems and equipment than the typical residential property. When you are running a business, you will want to hire someone who gets what that means, versus someone who is used to working on smaller scale residential projects.

Residential environmental contractors certainly have their roles and are an important asset for homeowners and property owners dealing with environmental issues on a residential scale. That being said, each type of contractor has their own training and expertise based on the sites they expect to remediate and service, so if you are having a problem or concern with a commercial site, it simply makes sense to bring a commercial expert on board to help solve the problem quickly and efficiently, using the right technology and methods for the job.

Our team brings a high level of expertise and customer service, with practical, hands-on experience in emergency situations, tight spaces, specialty equipment, and large scale projects requiring all hands on deck. We work hard to ensure that your business is up and running with as few delays and interruptions as possible. Time is money in the commercial world, and your time is important to us.

Emergency NJ Contracting Services and Regular Maintenance

While we are of course ready and able to help your business with any emergency situations, we also stress the importance of regular upkeep, maintenance, and repair. Many emergent environmental NJ contracting services could be avoided by setting up a schedule for regular work and sticking with it. We are pleased to consult with our clients to come up with a system that works for business needs, the state of current equipment, time constraints, and budgetary considerations.

Working to set up a maintenance schedule now can save both time and money (and stress!) in the future by identifying and solving potential problems before they have the chance to grow large enough to endanger your company’s operations. That said, you can rely on IEC for 24-hour emergency response too.

Simply contact us online or give us a call at 732-662-7222 to set up a consultation about your environmental contracting needs, or get answers to any questions you may have.