The What, Why and How of Land Remediation Services

land remediation services

Land Remediation Services

There are land remediation services for every type of disaster, contamination, or other ill effects on one’s property. Each land remediation service is tailored to the conditions, using the right technology, manpower, and tools for the job.

We offer several types of land and environmental remediation, suited to various scenarios that befall professional property owners of all types. So, no matter what you are facing, you can rest assured that with IEC as your partner there’s no job that is out of our skill set.

Remedial Excavation Services

Remedial excavation services are one area we cover, from the largest excavations to smaller projects for clearance. This is a service property owners use when there is something underground causing problems, or in need of removal.

We safely and accurately excavate underground storage tanks, test pits, contaminated soil, buried drums, and other underground or buried areas or objects that must be removed for safety or environmental reasons.

Because excavation can ultimately pose structural issues if left unaddressed post-remediation, we will work with our clients to implement shoring solutions to add structural integrity and prevent water infilling.

Pre-excavation via air knifing is another option, either as the first step in a larger excavation remediation project or as a standalone effort to remediate something with surgical precision.

Test pits are a remediation service that often go hand in hand with excavation, as a way to search for underground objects or to obtain samples or complete geotechnical investigations.

Tank Removal and Remediation

Underground storage tank removal and remediation is a service that builds on our excavation remediation skills and technology. In this case, our land remediation services include carefully and safely handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials related to underground storage tanks, properly transporting and disposing of oil and other liquids that the tanks have held.

Property owners choose these land remediation services when they have tanks that have begun to leak or degrade, simply want to replace a tank with something more modern, or completely remove the tank for good. We do this in an efficient yet deliberate way to make the most of our clients’ time while meeting safety and environmental standards.

Site Restoration and Decontamination

Site restoration is what comes after a remediation service, bringing a site back to its original state, or in better condition. We recognize that while remediation can be an immediate and pressing need, most of our clients are ultimately looking for restoration too, which is why we include it as one of our services.

All of our site restoration services are designed to make a property functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the land remediation services that had been done, restoration could include land clearing, landscaping including backfill, seeding or sodding grass, or adding surface hardscaping such as paving.

We do this using our top of the line equipment and technology, as well as our decades of experience, to ensure that all remediation is complete before restoration begins, and to choose restoration techniques that will last.

Sometimes you just need a site or area of your property decontaminated versus fully restored, and we can do that too. Our decontamination services are safe and effective, running the range from water blasting to detergent washing, based on what needs to be removed, from what type of surface. Whatever it is you need addressed, we have the skills and the equipment to get it done.

IEC is your experienced and capable partner in tackling any remediation, restoration, and/or decontamination project. Let us know what you need, and we’ll provide a quote or more information.