Our Industrial Environmental Services

industrial environmental services

Industrial Environmental Services

When you are working in an industrial environment, there are always health, safety, and environmental factors to consider in doing your job. When you need a hand, IEC is your partner in industrial environmental services. We do what it takes to ensure that your site, your crew, and your clients are safe and secure, while also ensuring efficient and effective service to make the most of your time and money. When you need us, we will come in and provide top-notch industrial environmental services designed to last, so you can get back to your business operations knowing that everything has been done to our stringent standards.


Decontamination is a very important service when you are in need of this kind of assistance. It is of the utmost importance to control and contain contamination and deal with it as soon as possible. We are available for decontamination services any time you need us, moving quickly to handle the issue with proven effective methods.

Our services include high-pressure water blasting, power washing, detergent washing, and scarification. We work to clean up contaminants such as PCBs, lead, oil, and chemicals. Whether you are struck with a one-time problem or require routine decontamination to keep up with safety, we are your reliable provider.

Soft Digging

Soft digging, or hydro/vacuum excavation, is a safe and effective way to excavate sites on your property. We do this by using a high-pressure water instrument and an industrial vacuum to cut through and remove soil or other surface and ground materials.

Soft digging is ideal for minimally invasive projects and can be used for many applications while keeping your site as undisturbed as possible. It’s quick, less expensive than traditional excavation, and allows you to get back to business as normal with virtually no damage or leftover problems.

Tank Removal

The removal of underground storage tanks is one of our specialties. We are skilled in locating and safely removing these tanks from your site, regardless of how big, how old, or how damaged it may be. You can rely on us to handle tank removal with the utmost care, whether it is holding hazardous materials or something inert. We complete the process with attention to detail and a complete understanding of applicable laws and regulations.

Transporting Waste

With all of these services, there will be waste generated, and something has to be done with it. In other cases, clients have generated industrial waste on site and need it to be removed. Whether part of our other services or as a standalone service we will transport and dispose of your industrial waste, safely and in a manner that is in line with the law. We are a licensed broker and waste transporter, with a full fleet of vehicles designed to move waste without risk.

Demolition Services

There comes a time when something simply must be demolished and removed, due to age, condition, or other industrial requirements. We are here to make that demolition happen quickly and safely, comprehensively approaching your project to keep it running smoothly from start to finish. You can count on our crew, our equipment, and our knowledge to bring your demolition to completion.

IEC is a leading industrial environmental contractor. If it has to do with industrial maintenance or remediation, we are your source for skilled, trained, and knowledgeable staff with the equipment that makes it all possible. Contact us today to learn more about these industrial environmental services and others. Whatever industrial contracting services you need to make the most of your projects and business operations, we will make it happen.