Environmental Demolition Services

environmental demolition services

Demolition jobs, large and small, require the services of an expert to run smoothly. Whether you need to have a complete, no longer functional building demolished, or have a facility currently in operation that needs to be shut down and demolished, we are here to help — this is not the kind of project you will want to do on your own!

IEC offers comprehensive environmental demolition services, with the right training, technology, equipment and attention to detail to make each demo a success. We understand that your time is valuable and we strive to work quickly and efficiently on all demolition jobs, without sacrificing quality.

Responsible Demolition

Because demolition poses some health and safety hazards, both for people and for the surrounding environment, we ensure that each and every member of our crew is properly trained and prepared for issues like environmental hazards and substances.

Even if the demolition involves confined spaces and other riskier situations, you can count on us to send the people and the equipment best suited for the job. We will perform hazardous materials abatement before demolition if required for safety, removing materials like mold and asbestos to ensure that it is safe to demolish the building.

We also manage demolition and disposal of any waste in an environmentally responsible fashion, ensuring that everything gets to where it needs to be without adding to environmental harm.

We know that there are situations where not every part of a facility needs to be demolished and we will work with our clients to identify and recover anything of value. Often, the items that are set aside for recovery are worth enough that if the client does not need them, they can offset the cost of the environmental demolition services.

Demolishing a building or other structure takes the building away, but what about the rest of the property? Because IEC is a comprehensive contractor you can rely on us to handle any additional steps to decommission or remediate a site responsibly. Once we are finished the demolition, we can add on services like soil remediation, remedial excavation, or site restoration.

Hiring an Environmental Demolition Contractor

IEC is pleased to offer our environmental demolition services and other comprehensive industrial contracting services to our clients, understanding that there is a lot that goes into demolition. Even the best laid plans can go awry with a demo because of unexpected issues, and that’s where having a professional leading the way is so important.

We have many environmental demolition projects successfully under our belts, and our team is committed to ensuring that each job is done in a safe, clean, compliant, and complete way. When you hire us you will find that your project is done to such a high quality that it might be hard to remember that there was ever a building or facility standing, once we are done with the demolition.

For more information, please contact us and let one of our team members know about your demolition needs.