When Emergency Remediation Services Are Needed

emergency remediation services

Emergency Remediation Services

Every industrial site makes safety and security a top priority, but even if guidelines are followed, there’s always a chance that an emergency could occur. When spills, structural damage or environmental hazards create an emergency remediation situation, there’s a need to take immediate and effective action. Industrial sites need to secure their properties quickly and contractors who provide emergency remediation services will be the ones to help.

Here are some situations which require emergency remediation services:

  • Hazardous materials spill
  • Bio-hazards
  • Tank or truck rollover spill

If a site is contaminated in an emergency, the clean-up team needs to assess the contamination. There should be a log of the site’s historical use and the materials used and produced there. This information will guide the team doing the emergency remediation assessment, prompting them to take specific samples for analysis as they work.

Based on the assessment, the risk manager will be able to specify what level of residual risk will be acceptable to achieve. It’s then their job to go through and answer the basic risk questions to help find the preliminary remediation goal (PRG). The PRG is the average concentration of a chemical in an exposure area that will yield the specified target risk in an individual who is exposed at random within the exposure area.

Off-site contamination of nearby sites can occur in an emergency as well. Depending on the contaminant, the surrounding soil, groundwater, and air could be adversely affected. Before and after every remediation, ceiling dust, topsoil, surface and groundwater of nearby properties should be tested.

Remediation is the process of cleaning up a contaminated site. There are two main soil remediation methods: ex-situ and in-situ. Using ex-situ methods include the excavation (removal) of affected soils and treatment at the soil’s surface, and the extraction of groundwater that is contaminated. Using in-situ methods do not remove the soil or groundwater to treat the contamination.

At IEC, our team is highly-trained and well-equipped to provide emergency remediation services. We help industrial sites coordinate emergency remediation services. We take pride in consistently achieving the highest standards for immediate spill response and are eager to provide 24-hour support to customers across our service area. Contact us today for more information.