Confined Space Entry

confined space entry

Confined space entry matters when you need work done in a small area. Not just anyone has the training and practice needed to safely work in confined spaces, which are typically enclosed or partially enclosed. These spaces are big enough for someone to enter but are not made for regular, everyday work, such as tanks, sewers, and vaults. They can be hazardous without much warning, exposing workers to risks like asphyxiation or fire.

Still, there are situations that call for someone to get in there and manage inspection, repairs, cleaning, or other maintenance. When those situations arise, hiring a team with confined space entry skills is the difference between exposing the company to risk and danger, and taking a measured approach to potential hazards.

Confined space entry calls for training, equipment, and procedures to be followed by everyone involved.

Contracting Confined Space Entry

You could take on the work of training your own staff for confined space entry, or you could contract out to IEC. It often makes sense to outsource confined space issues, particularly when you do not deal with confined spaces often, or your employees are reluctant to do this work.

Outsourcing to us gives you access to qualified staff who have all of the certifications, equipment, and experience to safely enter and work in any confined space. We are able to provide our qualifications to you for compliance purposes so you know that we are meeting or exceeding all industry guidelines.

Unlike an employee who is trained once for confined space entry that is rarely used, our staff undergo regular training updates to be sure that they are up to date on the safest, most efficient and effective practices for working in confined spaces. All personnel are also fit, tested, and respirator trained.

Whether you need a pit cleaned out, a tank removed, or another procedure done in a risky, small space, you can rely on us to get the job done.

Confined Space Rescue

An additional aspect to confined space entry is the potential for a rescue job. When workers enter a confined space, even with training and equipment, there is always the chance for something to go wrong, whether it is a medical emergency that would have happened anywhere, or something directly related to the space.

Our team is qualified in confined space rescue and up to date on all of the latest techniques and equipment. While it can be onerous for a company to train for confined space rescue especially when that training is not called for on a regular basis, when you contract out to us you do not need to worry about liability and rescue planning, because we bring those skills with us.

The next time you have a job or project that requires confined space entry, make it easy by getting in touch with our experienced team at IEC.