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Industrial Maintenance Companies Need to Create a Safety Culture

Industrial Maintenance Companies & Safety Culture It’s clear that human errors cause many of today’s industrial accidents. In order to reduce or eliminate these accidents from affecting your business, industrial maintenance companies should... read more

A General Contractor Safety Manual Is Crucial for Industrial Sites

General Contractor Safety Manual Working at an industrial site can be dangerous and impact a worker’s health or the health of others. Safety should be a priority at any industrial site – especially ones where chemical hazards are present.... read more

Why Demolition Dust Control and Dust Suppression Is Important

Demolition Dust Control | Dust Suppression When an industrial demolition is necessary, contractors have a protocol to control the significant amount of dust generated during the job. There are local and county ordinances, and some state... read more

Site Specific Safety Plan – A Priority for Every Industrial Job Site

Site Specific Safety Plan It’s crucial for industrial job sites to implement a site specific safety plan to protect both their workers, and the environment. In order to achieve an incident-free industrial operation, there must first be a... read more

Immediate Steps to Take When Dealing with an Industrial Spill

Industrial Spill - Immediate Steps Industrial companies know that an industrial spill is complicated to manage – especially if it’s an emergency. No matter the type of fuel, most spills can be avoided by keeping a proper maintenance schedule.... read more

Industrial Safety: Understanding the EPCRA

Industrial Safety In 1986, in response to concerns over the storage and handling of toxic chemicals, the U.S. passed the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). The act is meant to provide guidelines for the environmental and... read more

Industrial Contractors: The Right Certification and Training is Crucial

Industrial Contractors Before you hire industrial contractors, be sure they have met the necessary industry requirements and certifications for your project. It’s crucial that the company you hire is certified to specifically perform the tasks... read more

Are You Familiar with The Right to Know Act?

Chemical Handling Back in 1984, a hazardous waste disaster occurred in India which killed or severely injured more than 2000 people. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency responded to public concerns over environmental and safety hazards from... read more

Monthly Safety Meetings Should Be Part of Your Company Procedure

Monthly Safety Meetings Everyday decisions at work can impact the life and health of others. Although standard operation procedures dictate following regulations, industrial companies need to protect their employees and their customers. With... read more