Benefits of Industrial Water Blasting for Cleaning

industrial water blasting

Industrial Water Blasting

Industrial water blasting — you may know it for its many applications in decontaminating and cleanings things like tanks, but did you know that it is also great for cleaning equipment?

IEC has long offered industrial pressure washing and high-pressure water blasting (as well as industrial jetting) to our clients, for many purposes. Today we want to highlight how this high-pressure system is ideal for regularly scheduled equipment cleaning, or those emergency situations where you really need an equipment item clean and ready to go.

Industrial water blasting is perfect for cleaning hardened resins, glue, and other tricky substances that will not budge with any other effort. If any of your equipment is affected by epoxies, paints, rust, scale, or build-up, water blasting is a simple but remarkably effective way to get it looking (and working) like it is brand new.

Water Blasting vs. Abrasive Cleaning

Abrasive cleaning or sandblasting is one of the conventional ways contractors clean industry equipment. It gets the job done by using highly compressed air to power gritty particulates at a surface or item of equipment. Sandblasting may introduce abrasives, dust, and chemicals into the local environment, so to clean equipment this way, your site has to be evacuated around where the equipment cleaning is done.

Water blasting, on the other hand, uses water and water alone. It does not require abrasives or chemicals, and there’s no need to worry about a big clean-up around the site when the blasting is done. It’s an all-weather, all-conditions type of industrial service. With a vacuum truck also on site, any debris that does come from water blasting is easily collected, transported, and disposed of properly. Be it hazardous waste or non-hazardous waste we have the training, licensing, and skill to remove it from your equipment, get it off of your site, and dispose of it in full compliance with all applicable laws.

Scheduling Regular Industrial Water Blasting

Any equipment will work best when it is in good repair. Buildup and rust are an inevitable part of industrial life, but that does not mean you have to put up with equipment that is failing because it has not been maintained. With regularly scheduled surface and equipment cleaning via water blasting, everything at your site will work the way you expect it to, every time.

This type of routine maintenance might seem like it would cost more money than waiting until something is in dire need of cleaning, but, as a preventative and proactive measure, it can help your company in the long run. Regularly scheduled cleaning addresses and solves any potential problems before they turn into the kind of thing that shuts operations down completely. An emergency water blasting job may come at a higher price, and if the clock is already ticking, you will certainly wish you had dealt with equipment maintenance before it became such a headache.

IEC is pleased to offer routine industrial water blasting to our clients, along with other industrial maintenance services. When you are looking at how to keep your equipment running smoothly all the time, consider adding water blasting to your strategy.

Get in touch with our team of experts today to learn more about the many ways industrial water blasting can help with your business endeavors. As a leader in the industrial environmental industry, we focus on the technologies and techniques that will serve our clients well, and we know that industrial water blasting is something that will keep your equipment, and your company, going strong.