Above Ground Oil Tank Removal In NJ

above ground oil tank removal nj

Above Ground Oil Tank Removal NJ

While often older and more outdated than underground oil tanks, above ground oil storage tanks are a common sight on commercial properties. They have often been installed in situations where underground tanks are not feasible or too expensive, or are holdovers from a time when underground tanks were not as popular or affordable.

Whatever the reason they are on site, there comes a time when many commercial property owners want them removed. If you know a bit about underground tank removal you will have some idea of what it takes to remove an above ground tank, but the process is slightly different.

Above Ground Oil Tank Removal Process

Above ground oil tank removal in NJ is often somewhat easier than removing an underground tank as there is not as much effort required to locate and remove the tank. Above ground tanks are plainly visible and do not require digging to find or to remove. Removal can be done fairly quickly for a standard above ground oil tank, which is a common one of our industrial environmental services.

That being said, many of the same considerations apply to above ground oil tank removal as apply to underground oil tank removal. When we arrive on site we will pump the contents of the above ground oil tank out, ensuring that it is safely stored, transported, and ultimately disposed of in compliance with whatever regulations apply to your area and your business. All of our waste disposal is managed carefully, using pumps and trucks that meet all safety standards.

Removing a tank usually then involves dealing with any leftover piping connected to the tank, sealing up those spaces, and cleaning the tank to remove all traces of oil. With the tank clean and disconnected our expert crew lifts it off of your property and onto one our vehicles, hauling it away to be properly disposed.

Why Remove an Above Ground Oil Tank

Sometimes property owners discover previously unknown above ground oil tanks located somewhere hidden on the property, and have to remove them owing to their age and lack of useful purpose.

We find one of the main reasons businesses and commercial property owners are interested in removing above ground oil tanks is the risk of leak — or, worse, if the tank is already leaking. As with any industrial equipment, age and wear and tear diminish the integrity of above ground oil tanks and introduce the potential for costly and environmentally damaging leaks. Other risk factors include the weather and conditions of the area in which the tank is installed. In NJ that may look like issues owing to frost shifting the ground. Skipping out on regular inspections and maintenance can also shorten the lifespan of an above ground oil tank, causing leaks and necessitating removal.

It’s generally easy to tell when an above ground oil tank is leaking as it is at the surface level and not buried like an underground tank, where a leak can go undetected for much longer.

Whatever causes the leak or the potential for a leak, it is something that needs to be addressed quickly. Companies can be held liable for any damages caused by a leaking oil tank. Part of the work we do, if required, is soil sampling to fully understand the scope of any potential contamination.

For all of your above ground oil tank removal needs, IEC has the expertise, training, and skill to get it done quickly without cutting any corners. Give us a call at 732-662-7222 to learn more about our removal services, or to ask any questions you may have about the process.