“We extend our sincere thanks to the IEC crews who worked on our Emergency Response Project. Each team played a crucial role in the safe completion of this difficult project. Special thanks to IEC’s Operations Coordinator. He is a trusted team member that safely organized and anticipated project tasks. His dedication to managing the project through from start to finish, working countless hours and motivating his co-workers is an example of greatness. NJDEP’s response coordinator spoke highly of IEC’s performance – you remain a valued partner and we’re happy that you continue to support us.”

Major TSDF and Utility Emergency Response Contractor

“I’m very satisfied with the work performance of your crew. They were safety conscious and worked hard to complete their assignment diligently and effectively.”

Chemical Plant Maintenance Manager

“Received good feedback from both operations and maintenance personnel about the really good job your guys did cleaning the scrubber vent pipe. I always thank them when they leave and have gotten used to them doing good work but it is good to hear it from some who are not always the interface with them when they are here to work.”

Facilities Manager, Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

“Once again, the same crew from the time I mentioned a few weeks back did an excellent job. They did almost twice the amount of work compared to the other crew that is here and still managed to complete the job early. I am very pleased with this crew and I would definitely recommend having them here more often!”  

Rolling Mill Manager at a Steel Manufacturing Facility